20 thoughts on “Above Ground

    1. That’s true. When I got my DSLR the first thing I tried to figure out was how to get the “blurred background” photos 🙂 With a point and shoot camera it is very difficult and I always felt the photos lacked such “depth”. Thank you for your kind comment Aldous!

  1. Exposed tree roots are fascinating! 🙂 Although the strange thing is, they remind me of pain at 5 years old, when I tripped over a tree root in a park and landed with my arm against a large half embedded stone – ended up in hospital with a broken arm! 😦 I’ve been wary of them for long time now!! 😀

    1. Ouch, that sounds really bad 😦 I would be very cautious also after such experience. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and have a lovely day Suzy!

    1. That’s such a wonderful thing to hear, thank you so much for your very kind words Jade 🙂 I appreciate all your likes and the follow, lovely to have you here!

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