Old and Rusty

3-9-2013In the mornings we are wandering around with my daughter. She is investigating all kinds of things she sees and finds. I am looking around and taking photos. This morning I noticed this very rusty bike that looked so great next to other not rusty ones. I wonder if someone still rides it. For some reason rusty things look really cool, as if there is some life wisdom in them.

Old and Rusty

29 thoughts on “Old and Rusty

      1. Exactly, that’s what I was thinking… and wondering if someone maybe still uses it. The whole frame was rusty but tires seemed to be full of air and looking good. Strange thing 🙂

      2. Probably a psychological anti-theft device, slightly cheaper than the padlock and chain method, the potential thief, sees the rust but not the tires?

      3. Wow, that must be some small place you live in… and sounds great. Here it is still quite big city so I would not dare to leave the car unlocked 🙂

      4. This is a quiet place, i could probably leave the house front door unlocked too, but old habits prevail.. Also my car is a pile of.. Well.. you know what i mean 🙂

  1. There is something about old antique or rusty objects that always attract photographers. You know from visiting my blog that I am attracted to them also. Great shot Elina and the contrast between the newer bike and the rusty one makes the photo even more dramatic. Well done I really love this photo. Have a great day 😀

    1. Old things truly are somehow much more charming than new ones. I guess aging leaves attractive marks, makes things more unique and adds personality. Thank you so much for your kind words Joe, I am so happy to hear you really enjoyed this photo. Have a great day too 🙂

  2. I love your idea about rust and life wisdom. 🙂 Lovely metaphor. And the photo tells its own story to anyone who sees it. I’m imagining the person who owns it, where/how they live…. I’d be willing to bet it’s a teenager, or someone a bit older. Rusty, with no gears, is the non-mainstream way to go. 🙂
    Thanks Elina.

    1. Nice to hear you like the metaphor 🙂 I like how you see a story in the photo! Definitely a non-mainstream bike 🙂 Thank you for a lovely comment Aldous!

    1. Thank you Uday! I also like old buildings, especially wooden ones. They have such unique character and charm. Always great to hear your thoughts Uday!

  3. Great composition and the colour/tone of the image is beautiful. While liking this one I took the opportunity to catch up on some of your other photo’s. Speak to you soon

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