22 thoughts on “Heather

    1. Ah yes, if only I could somehow forward the smell 🙂 Heathers have very tender sort of ‘foresty’ smell. They originally grow in the forest. Thank you Luca for your kind comment!

    1. Thank you Annie! Unfortunately we don’t have a garden, but every Autumn I’ve bought a pot to put on the balcony… heathers stay colourful the whole winter (they freeze but the colour stays). In the Spring when it gets warm and they unfreeze, they turn brown. Originally they grow in the forest.

  1. Wow – such bright Heather! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite as vibrant as that. That would be great to come across a whole load of that on a dull wet Autumn day! 🙂

    1. I share your thoughts Suzy! This pink colour of heather is my favourite, probably because it is such a vibrant one.. but white and purple ones are also beautiful. Thank you Suzy!

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