Frosty Breath


While waiting for the bus my son noticed that he can see his breath. He found it really fascinating and kept on testing. I took out my camera and started taking photos. An older man who was also waiting for the bus came and asked about my camera and we started talking about photography. So it seems it’s not only children and dogs that might open a conversation, but also a camera.

Frosty Breath

30 thoughts on “Frosty Breath

  1. What a great capture Elina 😀 Your son is adorable and you captured him at the perfect moment with his mouth blowing the breath out. WOW very well done.

  2. Aahh, this one’s lovely, and a great one for the memory box!♥ I can remember doing that when I was that age – brought back memories with my mum on frosty days waiting for a bus too! 🙂 And it’s amazing what conversations a camera can bring about – very true that!

    1. Truly memory box material. Those sweet little moments from childhood… Thank you for sharing your memories Suzy! My children often bring back memories from my own childhood. It’s cool to sort of relive the moments again. Thank you for your kind words Suzy!

  3. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I remember I was wandering around once with my camera and a young woman stopped to ask me about it. We ended up dating for several months. Babies, dogs, and cameras. No single man should be without one. Oh, great photo, also. Seeing the breath reminds me of when everything was new and exciting.

  4. Too many grins evoked here. What a beautiful image indeed. I am rather the same as your son, and perhaps I am wont to become even more animated about it- enhanced by the fact that it rarely gets cool enough to see one’s breath, when the opportunity does come, I go about blustering and huffing all over the place trying to catch a wee glisk of those tortuous statues that so quickly dissipate into the cold velvety sky….and you’ve captured that beauty…too wonderful!

    And I have found the very same to be true. Yes, cameras are just as effective as dogs and children galore when it comes to kindling conversation- too grand. Cheers!

    Autumn Jade

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