53 thoughts on “Splash

  1. Elina, apologies I didn’t realise it was you when I first saw the image, just thought great image! The shingle below is good as well as the obvious splash – what speed were you using? Thanks, MM 🎄

    1. Thank you Meho, that’s sweet! And I was thinking if I could have done even better. The more photography knowledge I get the more doubtful I am. But it’s all a good experience. Have a nice Friday Meho! 🙂

    1. Thank you Aldous, your comment made me smile. 🙂 Those split-second moments are really nice to look at, something that otherwise passes so quickly we don’t really see exactly what happened. A photo offers a chance to take a longer look. I hope you are also having a lovely weekend!

  2. Oh – you have snow already!? At least you are able to find an opportunity in whatever is available – good thinking, lots of people would have put the camera away and waited for the snow! And that’s a great shot, just got that splash of rain perfect! 🙂

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