My son playing with dinosaurs and torches. He had put the torch on the floor directed to the dinosaur. It looked so nice and I quickly captured this scene.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays (some of you probably still enjoying). I’m back here and wishing you a great weekend ahead!


11 thoughts on “Triceratops

  1. Oh, this is gorgeous!β™₯ I love those pictures with children concentrating on their toys. They make great memories. I still have some I took of children at a play-school (preschool age) where I used to be a volunteer (1988) – my first real attempt at photography, such lovely memories. I wouldn’t be allowed to that today – so many regulations now about who can take pictures of children. At least when they are your own children, you can take as many as you like! Creating some great memories for him too! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you Suzy! πŸ™‚ These kinds of moments are truly great memories. Yes now the rules and regulations are so strict and photographing children even in the street that is a public place (and in theory allowed) is not recommended. In some ways I understand, world is so different now.

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