Mamma Mia


I saw the advertisement on the tram and it reminded me of the lovely music in the musical.

Mamma Mia

12 thoughts on “Mamma Mia

    1. Thank you Emilio, I’m glad you like the black and white. 🙂 In this photo the colors truly were distracting and made it restless, so I ended up turning it monochrome.

  1. A perfect shot, looks like an advert of an advert – if that makes sense!? 🙂 I love those songs from that musical, but I’ve not got the chance to see it yet, maybe sometime when it comes to the theatre in my city. I like to wait for the shows to come to me, so much easier than all that travelling – I can walk home afterwards!

    I’m a genuine ABBA girl fan – they were some of the songs that saw me through all my ups and downs as a teenager, every song has so much meaning and memories attached. I’ve heard that ABBA are thinking of a reunion concert and possibly an album – thrilling news! 😀

    1. Advert of an advert, that’s so true! 🙂 I also like the musical, really lovely music. ABBA is great and definitely has had an impact on me also… reminding me of the years I was “young”. I hadn’t heard of their reunion, that’s cool! Thank you Suzy for a lovely comment!

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