46 thoughts on “Good Hoodie Day

  1. OMG she is a doll Elina 😀 what a great capture. When your adorable children get older, and view your images of them they are going to be so glad their mom was so talented with a camera. What a great legacy 😀 Have a wonderful day.

      1. When my wife got home from work I showed her this photo and she freaked out ! We are going to hop on the next flight just so we can come over and pinch her little cheeks, LOL. She is sooo cute 😀

      2. You two are so sweet! 😀 And, please do hop on the next flight, I think that’s a wonderful idea! 😀 Greetings to your lovely wife!

  2. LB says:

    Oh my she is precious! Look at those little lips, and those wisps of hair.
    Is she reading a book? She will be so smart then, too~

  3. Jocelyne says:

    So sweet ! And how beautiful she is ! This is a really really beautiful portrait Elina. The light falling on her hair and face is perfect. Just superb 🙂

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