…little moments. There’s charm in photography.


40 thoughts on “Capturing

    1. Yes, fun. 🙂 I really enjoy seeing other photographers, especially the ones that are as concentrated and enjoying the process as she is in this photo. Thank you Draco!

  1. Awesome shot Elina 😀 Judging by the size of her bag she’s carrying loads of equipment. I love the ornate light post in the foreground and the other young woman crossing the street also. Black and white was a great choice for this photo, I love it. Bravo ! If that was me sitting on the railing you would have caught a glimpse of my feet as I fell backwards down the stairwell, LOL.

    1. She looked so lovely sitting there and photographing, caught my eye right away. 🙂 I really liked that post also, and tried to fit it into the photo. Thank you so much for a wonderful comment Joe! And for your good humor! 😀

    1. Cool you noticed the hotel in the back. 🙂 She looked more like a local but you never know, maybe she is staying there. 🙂 Thank you Vit!

    1. The third option… someone I noticed while walking around and taking photos myself. 🙂 I liked how she was so concentrated and seemed to be really into photographing. Thank you Jeff!

    1. True… same for me. 🙂 When I saw her I was wondering what kind of photos she was taking… was she trying to get city views or zooming in on people for close ups. And, it would be so interesting to see her photos. I guess there is something personal and interesting about everyone’s photos… they reflect our interests and points of focus, style, thoughts etc. Thank you for a lovely comment KAP!

    1. Yes she really was very concentrated and seemed to be enjoying photographing, I guess that’s why she looked especially charming and wonderful. 🙂 I bet we all look charming when working with our cameras. 🙂 Thank you Laurie for a great comment!

  2. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Caught in the act! Everyone is a photographer lately. I love this shot but never thought of taking a photo of someone taking a photo. Like Joe said, that ornate street light is great. Probably should rate a photo of it’s own.

    1. Indeed, photography has become accessible and affordable for most of us. I enjoy seeing other photographers working, also it’s very inspiring to see photos taken by others. I also liked that ornate light post.. 🙂 Thank you for a lovely comment Emilio!

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