21 thoughts on “Toom-Rüütli 7

  1. Very nice photograph. If that door goes up as high as it seems to then a visitor must have been expected to make a very formal entrance indeed 🙂

  2. I love photos of doors (and windows, for that matter). I always wonder about who lives behind them and often think “if only they could talk, the stories they could tell.” I actually like this photo in b&w. I think if it had been in color, the dark ironwork may have competed visually with the door. Instead, it complements the door, making a very pleasing photograph. Really like this!

    1. I also love old buildings and doors, and indeed… they would have so many interesting stories to tell. 🙂 You are right about the ironwork standing out better in b&w. I thought monochrome also fits the old atmosphere better. Thank you for a wonderful comment Stacy!

  3. Nice shot! I love the doors in old town. I have a shot of a red door that I took in Tartu — it’s now hanging on my wall. What is it about doors that we like so much? The mystery behind them; the opportunities they hold; the comfort of returning home…

    1. Old doors can be really charming. There are lots of them in Tartu, it’s great to hear you have a photo of one on your wall. Thank you for a lovely comment! 🙂

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