28 thoughts on “Blueberry Season

  1. Gorgeous image Elina 🙂 The blueberries look delicious I hope you are going to make something special with them. I went over a friends house that retired from the same company I worked for and he has so many blueberry bushes in his back yard all neat as a pin with wire cages around them so the birds don’t eat them all. I was amazed.

    1. Blueberry pie is always a good idea… but I am also freezing some berries for the winter. 🙂
      That’s so cool your friend has blueberries in his back yard! Do people also pick berries from the forest in the US?
      Here we have wild berries only in the forest.
      I always appreciate your kind words Joe! 🙂

  2. I grew up in northern Canada and every summer I was dragged out into the forest to pick blueberries — not something I have fond memories of. I don’t remember them looking as beautiful as this one! It would be a shame to pick such a jewel.

    1. Oh, so sad to hear you have bad memories of picking blueberries. I hope it didn’t ruin the fun of being in the forest for you for good.
      We’ve got so many of these beautiful little jewels in the forest right now. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind comment Karen!

      1. Well, I never enjoyed being in the forest in the first place (I am a city girl at heart, being being born and raised in the wilderness), so the blueberry picking made it neither better nor worse. 😉 But I did enjoy eating them!

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